Friday, June 8, 2007

An ordinary (final) day in Roma

The joy of this day was in the ordinariness of my Roman routine. (Look at photos from the bottom up).
First stop: Piazza Sta Maria in Trastevere for due cappucini and a cornetto con marmelata at my favorite coffee place, St. Marzio.
Second stop: Survey the piazza, where Italian TV vans are already parked awaiting Bush's arrival. Wonder how the hell I'm going to get out of here tomorrow.
Third stop: Lavanderia, so I can arrive home with suitcases full of clean clothes.
Fourth stop: Back to Via dela Scala for lunch, where I learn that Bush's trip to Trastevere has been cancelled, since the powers that be have deemed the neighborhood too hard to secure. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY.
Fifth stop: Gelato at Fiore di Luna (which I think is the best place in Rome). My favorite flavor: cocciolato con arrancia (a rich, deep chocolate with bits of blood orange. yum.
Sixth stop: Ponte Sisto bridge, to the historic center to pay homage to some of my favorite places and do some last minute shopping.
Seventh stop: Campo di Fiore
Eighth stop: Piazza Navona
Ninth stop: my favorite monument--the pantheon
Tenth stop (not pictured): Cafe St. Eustachio, widely believed to have the best coffee in Rome.
Eleventh stop: Retrace my steps back over Ponte Sisto. I can never get too many photos of this bridge
Twelfth stop: La Renella, the best bread and pizza shop in Trastevere and perhaps in Rome, for a slice and some fresh bread to make a sandwich for the plane tomorrow.
Thirteenth stop: 15 Via Della Scala--home for one more night.

My friend Sarah, who also lives in Trastevere, just stopped by--I am bequeathing her wine I never got to drink, plus odds and ends I purchased for this apartment. Next stop: around the corner for a pasta at da Lucia, a nice trattoria, for one final traditional Roman meal.

Buona notte!!! Ciao Roma!

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